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APG Developments is one of the leading UK manufacturers of high quality pulleys and belts. Our highly skilled team provide a range of standard and bespoke timing pulleys & timing belts for a range of applications delivered to customers in the UK and overseas.

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Timing Pulleys

Our timing pulleys find application in numerous contexts, such as optics, control systems, manufacturing, medical, and linear motion.

Vee Pulleys

Our Vee pulleys, compatible with vee belts and wedge belts for standalone use or paired assembly.

Poly Vee Pulleys

A comprehensive range of Poly vee pulleys, including twisted belt installation. For engine alternator, air conditioning systems, transmission and other applications.

Round Section Pulleys

A range of round section pulley for a variety of applications.

Timing Belts

Example of customer feedback: APG Developments has consistently been our trusted supplier for pulleys and gears. Their commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service sets them apart in the industry.