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Over 60 years of experience in the industry

Precision Engineering, Pulley & Gear Manufacturers

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Welcome to All Pulley & Gear Developments (APG)

Bespoke Precision Engineering Pulley and Gear Manufacturer

With an unparalleled 30 year tradition of excellence, APG is a leading gear and pulley manufacturing company, offering state of the art bespoke engineering solutions to a wide range of UK and International customers.
Certified to ISO 9001, APG is renowned for high levels of quality and customer service.


Manual centre lathe turner, preferably with CNC machining skills and experience, required to further expand APG’s capability and support growing customer base.

Generous salary, depending on skill level and experience.

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What We Offer

Bespoke Pulley & Gear Solutions

At APG Developments Ltd, we understand that no two businesses are the same. As specialist pulley and gear manufacturers, we deliver customised power transmission solutions that fit perfectly into your unique designs and specifications.

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Pulleys & Belts

APG manufactures a wide range of timing pulleys, vee pulleys, poly vee pulleys, round section pulleys, and timing belts made to bespoke customer requirements for a range of industrial sectors. Suitable for a range of industrial applications including optics, control systems and medical applications.

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Commercial Grade Gears

Includes bespoke gear development, gear hobbing, gear shaping, and chain sprockets with a reputation for high accuracy and rapid turn around.

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Offering a full range of hard and decretive aluminium anodising services.

Chemical Blacking

Offering machining services including chemical blacking, a cost-effective, durable treatment for steel.

Laser Engraving

Now offering top-tier laser engraving with our advanced fibre optic machines.

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