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APG Developments Ltd operate out of our industry leading manufacturing facility in Kent and house a range of CNC Turning machines allowing us to produce bespoke highly precise gear and chain components with incredible accuracy and repetition. Contact us today to discuss your gear and chain requirements.


Through our highly trained engineers and state of the art equipment including gear hobbing and gear shaping machines, we can offer an incomparable gear development and manufacturing service for our customers. Whether standard or custom made, all our gears are available in a range of metric and imperial sizes.

Gear Hobbing

Within our manufacturing facility we own a range of hobbing machines, allowing us to achieve the highest quality sprockets, gears and splines with an outstanding turnaround. Gear hobbing is an cost-effective solution with highly accurate results and mainly used in the process of making spur or helical gears, but can also be for the production of involute gears, cycloid gears and worm gears.

Gear Shaping

For production of both internal and external gears we use our gear shaping machines which allow us to cut gear teeth fast with highly precise results. This method is an alternative solution to gear planning as cutting is constant and the cutting tool does not need to be stepped back. With this process we can also produce close-coupled cluster gears and splines.

Chain Sprockets

Where it is unsuitable to use gears, chain sprockets allows rotary motion to be transmitted between two shafts, sprockets are widely used in tracked vehicles, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and any other machinery for this purpose. We manufacture a comprehensive range of chain sprockets for all sizes of British Standard chain, as well as American Standard chain. Special sprockets can be manufactured on request to suit our client’s requirements.

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To discuss your companies gear and chain requirements contact APG Developments Ltd today on 01634 722 420 or send us an enquiry via our contact page.


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